Scholarships & Financial Aid Programs


Focusing on developing higher education standards in Cyprus

AUCY offers financial support to various groups of students according to their Academic or Financial Status.


Merit Scholarships: Students with outstanding academic qualifications are eligible for merit scholarships.


Financial Aid: Financial Aid is awarded on the basis of need first and then academic performance. To be eligible for

financial aid, an undergraduate student must be accepted or enrolled at AUCY on a full-time basis. An undergraduate

student is considered a full-time student if registered for 24 credits and above during the Fall and Spring semester.

Students must also demonstrate financial need and be in good academic standing (showing satisfactory academic



Siblings: When two or more siblings are enrolled at AUCY during the same period, they are entitled to a fee reduction

provided that they are enrolled on a full-time basis.

Athletic Scholarships: AUCY offers Athletic Scholarships for students who are eligible to be varsity team members.

The main objective of the Athletic Scholarship is to provide talented students, who play sports, the opportunity to

study at AUCY and compete in university sports. To qualify, the student should be affiliated with a National Team or

Club (first or second division) and have a proven record of accomplishments at school, and a good team spirit. The

Scholarship percentage given to these Athlete students varies depending on their performance levels and the needs

of the Office of Athletics, Wellness, and Recreation.

Student Work: Some applicants may receive additional Financial Aid in the form of work-study by requesting it

through a petition submitted to the Office of Financial Aid. The amount will be deducted from the students’ tuition

fee on a monthly basis provided that in return he/she commits to work a number of hours per month during the Fall

and Spring semesters of an Academic Year. The work type and place will be assigned to the student by the Office of

Financial Aid, and sent to the Office of Student Affairs (SAO) for a monthly follow up on the work done.