ERASMUS - Course Information Catalogue

General Information for Students


At AUCY, we believe that the diverse composition of the student body enriches Campus life. The university strives to implement a multicultural, multinational, and diverse approach to its admission process. All students will be treated with equity and respect regardless of their race, religious beliefs, nationality/ethnicity, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation etc.


Student Affairs Unit

The Student Affairs Unit is established to support, encourage and direct the activities of students in all areas of interest as well as their social, cultural, artistic and sporting activities.


For more information please contact: 

Mr Wahid Atallah

Deputy Director of Admissions & Marketing

+357 24 209000

[email protected]



Accommodation options are provided nearby the University premises, just a minute walk from the bus stop and less than 1.5 km from AUCY.


For more information please contact: 

Mr Joe Ibrahim

Director of Operations and Finance

+357 24 209000

[email protected]



Meals are provided through the University Cafeteria and cover a range of options.



Bus fare is €1.50 for a 1-way ticket. The cost for the monthly youth card is €40 per month, with full access. Taxi fare starts with €5 upon booking and increases according to KM spent.


For more information about accommodation, meals and transportation please click here



Student Visa Requirements 

1. Copy of passport duly certified by the Cypriot Embassy or apostilled with a validity of:

    (i) at least the expected duration of studies

    (ii) at least two years 

2. In the case of minors, duly certified parental approval of the suggested residence, with an official translation in Greek or English.

3. Original criminal record (official translation in Greek or English -certified by the Cypriot Embassy or apostilled) from the official authorities of the country of residence.

4. Original attested clear medical certificate (native language & in English) – validity 4 months for:

    • HIV/AIDS • Hepatitis B • Hepatitis C • Syphilis

    • Chest X-Ray report (Tuberculosis)

5. Original attested Bank Letter and Bank Statement (from the applicant’s country of origin). The Bank Letter should refer that the student affords to cover his/her living and study expenses throughout his/her studies at the University. In case the student’s expenses will be covered by another individual the relationship between the student and the sponsor should be mentioned. The validity of the Bank Letter is 6 months and should include the name of the account holder, the account number, and the Balance of the account. The validity of the Bank Statement is 1 month. The Bank statement should show the transactions of the account as well as a closing balance of at least €7,000 (Seven Thousand Euros) in the last month before the student applies to the University. 

6. Bank swift receipt of €3000 (Three Thousand Euros) as partial deposit payment of the tuition fees.

7. Receipt of payment of registration fees to the Educational Institution. 8-Original Acceptance Letter from the University

8. Original attested High School Diplomas




After granting the relevant permit the student upon arrival to Cyprus must present at the airport

1. Passport

2. Copy of the entry permit (will be provided by the university)

3. The amount of €2,000 cash



1. Copy of passport including the page with the arrival date with validity: (i) at least the expected duration of studies

(ii) at least two years 

2. Health Insurance to cover in-hospital treatment, out-of-hospital treatment, and transfer and corpse repatriation. 

3. Original medical exams from a Government Doctor or a Doctor registered in GESY for 

    • HBV (Hep. B)

    • HCV (Hep. C)

    • AIDS/HIV

    • VDRL (Syphilis) and

    • X-ray/TB

 4. Personal Bank Statement from a Banking Institution in the Republic of Cyprus with sufficient funds-swift transfer of at least €5.000,00 (to cover tuition fees, accommodation, and living expenses for the period that the residence permit is applied for).

5. Bank Guarantee Letter covering repatriation costs

    • Accommodation (or House) Contract for 1 year (or however long an Erasmus student wishes to stay)

    • Authorization Form (attached) for the submission of the application (signed by the student and fully certified)

    • Two passport size photos


All attested documents need to be in English and the attestation process differs.


For more information about visa application and insurance please contact:

Mrs Athena Pitsillou

+357 24 209000

[email protected]


Language Courses

Adequate language support for incoming mobile students will be provided through the Department of Continuing Education (DCE) of the University for the students who need to improve their English Language skills.


For more information please contact:

Dr Avros Morphitis

Head of the Department of Continuing Education

+357 24 209000

[email protected]


Work Placement Possibilities

AUCY offers financial aid in the form of work – study by requesting it through a petition submitted to the Office of Financial Aid. The amount will be deducted from the student’s tuition fee on a monthly basis provided that in return he/she commits to work a number of hours per month during the fall and spring semesters of an Academic year (not exceeding 20 hours weekly, deducted amount average €400 to 500 monthly).


Financial Support for Students

AUCY offers financial support to various groups of students according to their Academic or Financial Status.

Merit Scholarships: Students with outstanding academic qualifications are eligible for merit scholarships.


Merit for schools based on GPA (High-School Leaving Certificate Overall Grade):

H.S.L.C.O.G out of 20 H.S.L.C.O.G out of 100 Scholarship Percentage
17 – 17.9 85 – 89.5 25%
18 – 18.9 90 – 94.5 35%
19 – 20 95 – 100 50%

During their studies the students are eligible for merit scholarships based on their GPA

(after 1st semester)

3.4- 3.65   20% discount on all academic years

3.65-3.8    30% discount on all academic years

3.8 >         50% discount on all academic years


Financial Aid: Financial Aid is awarded on the basis of need first and then academic performance (10-40% discount). To be eligible for financial aid, an undergraduate student must be accepted or enrolled at AUCY on a full-time basis. An undergraduate student is considered a full-time student if registered for 24 credits and above during the Fall and Spring semester.


Siblings: When two or more siblings are enrolled at AUCY during the same period, they are both entitled to a 20% discount, provided that they are enrolled on a full-time basis.


Athletic Scholarships: AUCY offers Athletic Scholarships (20-70% according to their qualifications) for students who are eligible to be varsity team members.


The main objective of the Athletic Scholarship is to provide talented students, who play sports, the opportunity to study at AUCY and compete in university sports. To qualify, the student should be affiliated with a National Team or Club (first or second division) and have a proven record of accomplishments at school, and a good team spirit. The Scholarship percentage given to these Athlete students varies depending on their performance levels and the needs of the Office of Athletics, Wellness, and Recreation.


Scholarship & Financial Aid Program Terms and Conditions:

a) Scholarships granted by the University are valid for admission in October 2021 to new students

b) To be eligible for financial aid, an undergraduate student must be accepted or enrolled at AUCY on a full- time basis (registered for 24 credits and above during the Fall and Spring semester).

c)One of the requirements to maintain financial aid eligibility, is that the student must demonstrate a satisfactory academic performance (minimum score: 70/100)

d) The Scholarships will be valid for full time study for the first year of study, with the possibility of maintaining the scholarship the following academic years only if demonstrating a satisfactory academic performance of 70% of the total score each year.

e) Scholarships & Financial Aid Programs may NOT be combined with any other scholarship or tuition reduction, either from other special reductions or from course exemption,

The American University of Cyprus has a long-standing commitment to offering study programs with very strong prospects for immediate professional placement in various fields and simultaneously making higher education affordable.

All applicants may be considered for a range of other merit and need based grants. All eligible students are encouraged to book an appointment for further guidance.


Student Life – Student Clubs

Student life is an important part of the university experience, as it offers our students a unique opportunity to develop their personality and communication skills, as well as make lifelong friends. Campus life at AUCY focuses on the intellectual, occupational, social, and cultural growth of students. We encourage students to become involved in any of the following student clubs at AUCY:

     Social Club

     Debate Club

     Science Club

     Robotics Club

     Maritime Club

     Hospitality Club

     Basketball Club

     Football Club

     Volley-Ball Club

     Swimming Club

     Skiing Club

     Music Club

     Nutrition Club

     Psychology Club

     And many more, based on students’ interests.


Sports and Leisure Facilities

AUCY has a professional gym and a multi-use court that students can use.


For more information please contact:

Mrs Vassilia Evangelou

Deputy Director of Admissions and Marketing

+357 24 209000

[email protected]