ERASMUS - Traineeship Mobility

Outgoing Traineeship Mobility 

Students interested in participating in Erasmus+ mobility for traineeship are welcome to indicate their interest by submitting their application.

Duration: 2 months to 12 months

Important Facts:

    • Selected students will receive an EU grant including accommodation and traveling expenses

    • Students must have completed 60 ECTS prior to their mobility

    • Priority will be given to students who have not participated in a mobility before

Selection Criteria:

    • Academic performance

    • English language competence

    • Prior participation in Erasmus+ activities

Benefits of Participating in the Erasmus+ Program

    • Gain new experiences and skills to have higher employability in the future

    • Develop skills in academia and in one’s personal and professional life

    • Acquire new knowledge in new topics

    • Develop an open mind to other cultures

    • Learn a new language

    • Make new friends and connections abroad

    • Receive funding for an experience abroad.

Application Procedure:

    • Students interested in participating in the Erasmus+ Program for Traineeship must complete an Application Form and submit the following documents to the International Relations Office ([email protected]):

        o Copy of ID card or passport

        o A passport size photo

        o An Advisor Form  (signed by the Faculty Representative) 

        o Transcript of Records

        o Graduation certificate (for recent graduate traineeship)

    • Important deadline: November 10 (wishing to participate in Traineeship mobility in the following academic year)

    • Student applications are evaluated by the Erasmus+ Committee

    • Students are notified for being selected or not after the decision of the Erasmus+ Committee  

Important Note: Only complete application materials will be considered.

AUCY Erasmus+ outgoing mobility procedures for traineeship 

    • Important Documents :

        o Learning Agreement for Traineeship

        o Arrival/Departure Form

        o Erasmus Traineeship Certificate

        o Host Organization Consent Form

        o Host Organization Evaluation Form

Linguistic Support

Students participating in Erasmus+ mobility activities are required to take an online exam through the EU Academy

        o Before the mobility period

        o At the end of the mobility period

Based on the assessment results, students can have the opportunity to attend an online language course before and during the mobility through the EU Academy platform in order to improve their language proficiency.