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Information on the Institution

Name and Address

American University of Cyprus (AUCY)

Ammochostou Avenue 52, Larnaka 6019

Telephone: +357 24 209 000

Email: [email protected]


Academic Calendar


Academic Authorities



Dr Marc Antoine Zabbal

+357 24 209000

[email protected]



Dr George Phylactou

+357 24 209000

[email protected]


Head of the Academic Council

Prof Marios Katsioloudes

+357 24 209000

[email protected]


Director of Admissions and Marketing

Mr Farid Haikal

+357 24 209000

[email protected]


Director of Operations and Finance

Mr Joe Ibrahim

+357 24 209000

[email protected]



Professor Marios I. Katsioloudes, Faculty of Business Administration and Economics

+357 24 209000

[email protected]

Professor Ioannis Michaloudis, Faculty of Arts & Humanities

+357 24 209000

[email protected]

Professor Markos Markou, Faculty of Sciences and Technology

+357 24 209000

[email protected]

Description of the Institution

American University in Cyprus (AUCY) is a private of higher education institution, which adopts the American system of education. AUCY offers teaching and research services to all, Cypriot and non-Cypriot, regardless of race, colour, gender, handicap or religion, in a spirit of openness to all human cultures. The mission of AUCY is to promote universally accepted human, ethical and spiritual values. Additionally, AUCY aims at promoting knowledge and its practical applications, through teaching, research and other means at high quality standards.  


List of Programs Offered

For more information click here: Information on the Programs


Admission Requirements and Criteria


Sophomore and First Year Admission Requirements

Applicants must hold a high-school leaving certificate or its equivalent, as determined by the Cypriot Ministry of Education, in order to be eligible for the Sophomore or the First-Year Class. All applicants must have completed their secondary school education or the high school program, consisting of (or equivalent to) twelve years of schooling, to be considered for admission to an undergraduate program, and hold a bachelor’s degree for admission to a graduate program.


English Entry Level Requirements:

TOEFL: AUCY requires a minimum score of 550 for paper-based, 213 for computer-based, and 79 for internet-based.

IELTS: AUCY requires a minimum score of 6, however, if a student scores between 5.5 and 6, he or she will receive

supporting classes for the first year. Alternatively, students can sit for the AUCY English Entrance Test.

IGCSE: AUCY requires a minimum grade “ C “ in English.



 Our application form needs to be completed and sent back to us with the required documents (see page 5 application form).

Please kindly note that in order to accept your application form the 55-euro application fee should be deposited to the University-IBAN number found on the application form. 


Arrangements for the Recognition of Credit Mobility and Prior Learning (formal, informal and non-formal)

Students coming from other accredited institutions are welcome to transfer to AUCY after having obtained degrees from current and/or previous studies that are of the same quality and equivalency as courses offered at AUCY. AUCY welcomes transfer students regardless of the credits transferred, students have to complete at least one half of the number of the Bachelor’s Degree ECTS (120 ECTS for a 240 -ECTS Bachelor Degree, 150 ECTS for a 300-ECTS Bachelor Degree) and at least two thirds of the number of the Master’s Degree ECTS.


Arrangements for Academic Guidance

All students are well supported with regard to academic, morale and physical aspects. An academic advisor is assigned to each student through his/her academic journey at the University. Additionally, counselling services are available to all students.