Who is this Coach Training for?

Well Coach training can be for everyone and at the same time for the select few.


It is for everyone that is driven by impact, a drive to change people’s lives, who wants the Flexibility to grow a thriving business globally by just having a laptop/mobile.
Simply having a life of Freedom & Purpose, at the same time it is for the few who are serious about their growth and about building a state of the art Coaching Business.
It is perfect for those who want to step into their powerhouse!

It is literally a deep dive into the amazing world of Coaching!


The Success Academy coaching program (a partnership between the American University of Cyprus and Swift Shift Coaching & Consultancy) is unlike any other program that you have seen, it is the essence of the best practices in a modular format that will not only prepare you to be a Success Coach (Life & Executive), rather also to work on yourself inside out throughout the process, as well as learn how to build a thriving coaching business equipped with the best tools.


This Coaching Program is unlike any other Coaching certification in the Market, it gives you the exclusive opportunity to be qualified as an Executive & Life Coach.