American University of Cyprus, Larnaka (AUCY) Hosts Esteemed Visit from the Minister of Health of Latvia


American University of Cyprus, Larnaka (AUCY) Hosts Esteemed Visit from the Minister of Health of Latvia

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Larnaka, Cyprus – 12.4.2024


The American University of Cyprus (AUCY) proudly welcomed a distinguished guest, the Minister of Health of Latvia, Dr. Hosams Abu Meri to its campus in Larnaka.


The event, held on 12.4.2024, was a demonstration of the growing cooperation between Cyprus and Latvia in the field of Academia.

Mr. Farid Haikal, the Director of Admissions and Marketing, representing the university, commenced the event by providing an overview of AUCY’s commitment to excellence in education and its dedication to fostering international partnerships.


The gathering was graced by the presence of Dr. Tarek Sadek, Board of Trustees, who shared personal experiences of his time alongside the esteemed Minister during their medical school years, highlighting the enduring bonds formed through education and shared experiences.

The President of the University, Dr. Marc Antoine Zabbal, in his address, emphasized the significance of collaboration in research and practice between Cyprus and Latvia, and the potential for mutual growth and advancement in the educational sector.


Adding a touch of cultural warmth, Ms. Maria Rozonova, a Latvian student at AUCY, extended a heartfelt welcome to the minister in Latvian.

The highlight of the event was the Minister of Health’s address, where he commented the efforts of AUCY in promoting academic excellence and applauded the university’s dedication to fostering collaboration and partnership within the academic community. He expressed his enthusiasm and eagerness to further cultivate this collaboration for mutual benefit.


Further enriching the occasion, Dr. Khawla Khoury seized the opportunity to present her new book “ The medieval basilical architecture in Lebanon “, that was published in collaboration with the American University of Cyprus.


In recognition of his contributions to the advancement of healthcare and education, the Board of Trustees of AUCY honored the Minister of Health of Latvia with an honorary trophy, symbolizing the esteemed partnership between the university and Latvia.


The event indicated the commitment of AUCY to fostering global partnerships, academic excellence, and cultural exchange, marking a significant milestone in the university’s journey towards shaping the future of education and research.