DCE – Seminars


A Practical Approach for Essential Compliance Officer and Professionals

During recent years we are experiencing a rapidly changing environment with stringent compliance rules and regulations. The Compliance Professional is forced to increase the work rate to keep up with this dynamic environment. The objective of the seminar is to provide participants with an in depth understanding of the various AML legislative frameworks, requirements, performing risk assessments using the risk-based approach, pre-client onboarding procedure, application of client due diligence with a practical view over above theory.

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Putting Theory into Practice: Advanced Level Application of AML & Compliance

This course sets out to describe and explain the essential elements of the international work towards the eradication of financial crime in connection with money laundering and the financing of terrorist activities as well as identifies the broad parameters for knowing one’s client, no matter which industry. This course goes in-depth with two complicated areas of AML work and encourages participants to adopt tried and tested measures for their discovery and management.

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