Basketball Performance Analysis & Scouting

Course Name: Basketball Performance Analysis & Scouting Level 1


The Basketball Performance Analysis & Scouting program is a well-structured and specialized program designed for analysts and scouts. The program’s objectives are for students to establish a solid foundation in the sport’s mindset and to be able to assist their team’s coaching staff with statistics and video analysis to guide them to victory.

Additionally, in the program, students are trained in creating player reports.


COURSE DURATION: 100 hours – 4 months.


ACCREDITATION: American University.



– Performance Analysis I

– Design Simple Systems

– Live Analysis I

– How to do Video Analysis – Drawing tools. Use of them

– Post match and Pre match Analysis

– Opponent Analysis

– Own Analysis

– Basketball player development 

– Role and importance of coach for players of developing age         

– Attitude

– Basic Basketball stance 

– Footwork                 

– Ball handling 

– Finishing

– Shooting 

– One on one 

– Toughness 

– Basketball team development 

– Basic goals of daily practice



COURSE Fees: € 2.500**

** If someone gets both courses (Level 1 & 2 ) he will pay instead of € 5800 only € 4900

Course Name: Basketball Performance Analysis & Scouting Level 2


The educational program ” Basketball Performance Analysis & Scouting Level 2″ represents a top-tier specialization program for Basketball Analysts and Scouts.

The main goal of “Basketball Performance Analysis & Scouting Level 2” is to provide a proposal on what steps the Coaches have to follow to create an environment for their athletes, where enthusiasm, knowledge and thirst for improvement will be the leading elements to develop a team that will execute on the floor in such a unique way, so that players and Coaches will be proud to be part of the group. 

Following this program will give Coaches a basic point of view on how basketball can be developed both in individual and in team level. We  will analyze step by step the process of building a group that will work hard and get better every day until the end of the season.

We will analyze why every team must have a Coach-leader that players will believe in and what are the necessary skills to get the most out of his athletes’ potential. The Coach with this profile will inspire everybody in the group and will create the positive atmosphere that allows the team to perform at their full potential, will be described in this book.

We will learn how to: 

• Plan carefully every step of the team building before the beginning of the season. 

• Realize that they have to know the answers in questions like ‘who will be the leader of the team’ or ‘who will be the rim protector’, or how their team will play the game: Fast tempo, full-court pressing, or more of a slow-down basketball? Whatever the style is, the Coach must have his own way to play basketball. He must teach this system in the practice and make sure that he will set the rules that will help players to work hard and improve day by day. 

• Understand why they have to communicate with their players as a group and one-on-one. 

We will go step by step at every part of the game with emphasis on “how” and “why” on every technique, every skill, whether they are on offense, defense, transition, or whatever concept is being taught to the team. 

We will focus on how to build a team. Situations like fast break, offensive moves, rebounding, defense and special plays, will be analyzed in a way that Coaches will have an integrated tool to do their job the best way they can


COURSE DURATION: 150 hours – 4 months.


ACCREDITATION: American University.






– CONDITIONING (Speed, Balance, Footwork, Plyometric training)


– Individual rebounding Drills /Team rebounding drills 


– Basic rules /Development 

– The 6 «sources» of fast break

– Fast break drills 

– Fast break situations with extra player 


– Team offense 

– Motion offense 

– Building motion offense 

– Zone offense 


– Defensive philosophy 

– Individual defense/ drills\ 

– Individual defense away from the ball

– Defensive cooperations 2 on 2 

– Defensive cooperations 3 on 3 

– Defensive cooperations 4 on 4 (shell drill) 

– Defensive cooperations 5 on 5 

– Team defense at weak side 

– Zone press defense 


– Baseline out of bounds (BLOB)



COURSE Fees: € 3.300**

** If someone gets both courses (Level 1 & 2 ) he will pay instead of € 5800 only € 4900