Mr. Theodosis Tsiolas, at AUCY Campus


Mr. Theodosis Tsiolas, at AUCY Campus

Chasing dreams is the second best thing in any journey, attaining this dream and turning it to reality remains the best achievement.

AUCY Administration had the honor to receive Mr.Theodosis Tsiolas, Secretary to the council of Ministers, and Permanent Secretary of the Directorate General for European Programmes, Coordination, and Development on Wednesday, November 10 on campus.

Mr. Tsiolas had a campus tour, visited the classrooms and all Academic facilities. Our students had the chance to chat with Mr. Tsiolas and he gave them positive Directives for their future.

Then a meeting was held between Mr. Theodosis with #AUCY Rector Dr. Mark-Antoine Zabbal, and AUCY Board Members, Dr. George Phylactou, Mr. Christos Karas, Mr. Joe Ibrahim, and Mr. Farid Haikal, where a fruitful discussion occurred about all matters that can be of great interest in making Cyprus an Educational Hub in the region.