Certification Courses – Public Relations Specialist

Intercultural Communications:


This seminar aims to equip industry professional and teachers, trainers and office staff in universities and schools, with the essential intercultural skills, knowledge and competencies required for working with international students. Emphasis is given to the influence of culture on the interpretation of the communication act and to the communication skills that enhance intercultural communication. After this course participants will be able to demonstrate understanding of personal, situational and cultural factors in intercultural communication.


SEMINAR DURATION: 12 hours (over 2 days).



After completion of the program, participants will be able to:

– Define and identify the key elements of interpersonal communication, culture, cultural systems, and global communication

– Compare and contrast cultures’ values, beliefs, perceptions, and communication styles

– Recognize negative perception: racism, prejudice, negative stereotyping and ethnocentrism

– Analyze intercultural interactions and evaluate situations using intercultural communication skills

– Use the knowledge you have acquired to further develop your cultural sensitivity