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Certified Python Developer – Level I

CERTIFICATION DESCRIPTION Python has become the standard in national education as the first programming language. And there’s a reason for that: first it’s an open-source language and it’s the perfect language for getting started and understanding the basics of programming. Even professional demands in all domains are increasing due to the ability to apply Python essentials to manage business solutions in various industries. It’s a high-level language that requires relatively little knowledge of how a computer works to be used. Throughout the course an introduction to python basics, from how to get it installed to advanced stuff will be acquired. COURSE DURATION: A total of eight (8) weeks (30 hours). As python is considered a simpler language, its popularity has increased in data science, machine learning, and industries. The course allows candidates to apply their acquired knowledge in these domains. To be able to program professionally in Python. To understand how to build the main Python libraries to manipulate data. To learn how to deal with lists, strings, and dictionaries, etc.