Certification Courses – Languages – Spanish

Certified Spanish Course for Adults Level A1 (Beginner)



This course is an opportunity for learners to have a motivating first encounter with the Spanish language and learn in an interactive and dynamic way. Through an integrated-skills approach, learners will be able to communicate in everyday situations using simple and common expressions and vocabulary.

The activities to be incorporated in the course will be highly motivational, designed and selected based on students’ needs and interests. Learners will have continuous feedback from the instructors as a means of identifying areas which need further improvement. Learners will be assessed based on various assessment methods which include in-class discussions, group work, homework, quizzes as well as the formal final assessment upon course completion.



A total of fifteen (15) weeks (60 hours).



Candidates are expected to communicate in everyday situations with elementary vocabulary and expressions. They will be able to recognize and use common everyday expressions, and simple phrases to satisfy their immediate needs, as well as be able to provide information about themselves and ask for basic information. Overall, candidates are expected to interact in a simple way, provided that other people talk slowly and clearly.