Certification Courses – Languages – Russian

Certified Russian Course for Adults Level A1 (Beginner)



This course is ideal for adults and young learners who wish to have a very first contact with the Russian Language.  During this course, participants should reach a high level of understanding for Russian Level A1, which will allow them to make basic every day dialogues, exchange information on many basic subjects such as family, routine, food, etc.. Consistency is the key when learning a new language, so to make sure students study and keep up to date with the lessons, dictation, exercises and reading will be part of the homework for this course. Basic vocabulary (travel, food and drink, hobbies, education, personal information and family, etc.) will be taught during this intensive course, as well as basic grammar patterns (e.g. gender of nouns, plural of nouns, verbs, tenses, etc.). 



Intensive Russian language course consists of nine (9)  academic weeks (36 hours).



Upon completion of this certification, candidates are expected to be able to make basic every day dialogues, to use basic vocabulary and to understand basic daily used expressions.  Participants will be able to handle an everyday typical communication dialogue, understand familiar words and phrases which are related with various everyday communication situations, such as  shopping, food, family, education, etc. Also, learners will be able to understand simple daily texts. At the end of the course, there will be a written exam that is going to last for approximately 2 hours.